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The TTM Factory maintenance service is separated to three levels of service: Stage 1, Stage 2 and Stage 3. Below you can see the specifics that go into each type of service and choose the right kind of maintenance service for your needs.

I am presently collecting customer feedback about our maintenance services - please contact us via the contact form or by giving us a call if you have any questions or comments.

Stage 1

Maintenance and Oil Changes

Single-chamber, oil included 100€
Double-chamber / quad-chamber 120€

Kyb, Showa, Sachs 80€
WP PDS and LIN 90€

Maintenance Parts


Stage 2 (includes Stage 1)

Maintenance, Oil Change and Revalve

Single-chamber includes oil change starting at 120€
Double-chamber / quad-chamber starting at 140€

Kyb, Showa, Sachs starting at 100€
WP PDS and LIN starting at 110€

Maintenance Parts

Front springs starting at 100€ / kit
Rear springs starting at 100€

Stage 3 (includes Stage 2)

In addition to maintenance, oil change and revalve, and I'm also interested in

I want TTM Factory brand covering stickers (included free of charge in your maintenance package)