Consultation – What kind of suspension suit your riding style?
Services – With thorough maintenance you make sure that suspension works like it´s supposed to. More comfort and duration. Good service actually reduce cost and increase the resale value.
Repairs – Fast and reasonable price repairs when you don´t have the time to do it.
Verified springs – All springs are measured with scale to make sure you get right spring. Also measuring sheet attached.
Rebuilds with special needs – Revalves and rebuilds for different motorsports and needs.
Cartridge and piston kit installations – Dal Soggio, Lainer, MX tech, K-Tech, Race tech etc.
Dyno services – Dyno gives important information how shock valving and different components work together. Resulting better setup for you.
KYB, WP and Showa Factory shock absorbers sale
Service and special parts sale
Technical support
Adjusting help in track or special test

Services awailable for KYB, Showa, WP, Sachs ja Marzocchi.

• Fork service MX/EN/Street one chamber 100€ twin / four chamber 120€ includes oil (Silkolene SRFF +20€ inner tube polishing 20€ / pair, valving changes starting at 20€)
• Shock service MX/EN/Street 90€ includes oil and shaft polishing (valving changes starting at 20€)
• Shock service WP LIN/PDS 90€ includes oil and shaft polishing (valving changes starting at 20€)
• Honda HPSD steering damper service 40€ includes oil (valving changes starting at 20€)
• Adjusting help in track or special test 50€/h (include high speed video)

Service price doesn’t include possibly needed service parts. If you need valving changes then make sure you fill the service form and let me know your needs and try to describe your issues with suspension. If there´ s too long time since last service it could take some extra time and parts. Let me know if you are not sure when the suspension is serviced last time. Always deliver clean suspension or bike. Dirt suspension needs to be cleaned and I need to charge cleaning. If you are not able to personally bring suspension then you can use transport company. Remember to pack suspension very precise so they don´t get damaged in transport. Fork bleed buttons needs to be replaced with screws to avoid oil leaks and extra charge.


Stage 1 Bike manufacturer choose springs for average weight rider “usually 75-85kg”. I gladly help you to choose right springs.
If you don´ t know what springs are in your bike I can measure them. I always measure new springs before installing them. I also check that spring preload is right. Right springs are foundation to build suspension. Fork springs / shock spring starting at 100€. Sometimes there’s a possibility to use good condition second hand springs to reduce cost.

Stage 2 Stage 1 + valving changes. Damping forces will be adjusted to match riders needs. Starting at 40€ including forks and shock.

Stage 3 If Stage 1 and 2 is not enough we can use special parts or hand made finishing to make suspension even better. It depends bike you have what modifications are suggested. Examples of special parts are better quality gaskets, bushings, pistons, check valves, coating or linkage. Different high end parts are in test all the time. I try to offer only tested, good working solutions for my customers. There´ s high end parts available staring at 20€.

If needed damping forces can be tested with dyno and good working damping forces can be transferred to different brand damper for example if rider changes another brands bike. Also information technology is developed when designing wanted features for suspension. Methods are same kind then suspension factories and racing teams use.