Husqvarna TE, FE, TC, FC, FS

Stock springs are suitable for:
TC 125 ~75kg TC 250 ~85kg FC ~95kg TE ~75kg FE ~85kg


4CS Kit, installed with rider specific setting. Stock 4CS fork is soft and unpredictable. Benefits are that forks hold up better and action is more logical. With this kit forks are easy to setup for different riding types. Kit includes 42 clicks compression adjuster in the bottom of both forks. Both adjusters in the up of the fork adjust rebound. Original white compression adjuster knob is changed to red one. Allready many happy users with this kit. Price 500€ doesn´t include fork springs.

Low friction SKF seals installed in the factory

SKF mud scrapers prevents seal failure. Price 42€ kit.

Xtrig Top clamp. Price 169€.

Xtrig Triple Clamp Kit. Price 535€.


Shock upgrade to work with modified forks. In stock condition this shock has unusually small oil flow thru rebound circuit. This upgrade includes some modifications for the rebound circuit, better quality piston band, better quality seals and new rider specific setting. Price 250€ doesn´t include shock spring. (not for 2016 mx models)

Shock compression adjuster with different desing and better adjustability. Price 130€. Reguires shock rebuild.

Better quality piston bushing to replace oem which broke very easily. Price 32€ Reguires shock rebuild.

Better quality seal head to prevent friction. Price 78€ Reguires shock rebuild.

HSL Holeshot linkage for better starts. Price 260€.

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