Timo Mäki

Motorsport, especially two- wheelers, have always been my passion. Motorbikes have been my hobby for about 10 years. I raced in road racing and enduro but I have experience in other motorsports too. Because of my back injury I had to take a driving break and  then I had time to specialize in the shock absorbers and motors in greath depth.

 I got knowledge from many different sources and found a good partner in cooperation from the United States.  It was time to incorporate TTM Factory. /TTM Factory was founded.

TTM Factory works especially in hobbyist business, but also race drivers needs can be observed. Solutions are developed to the different needs. Damping forces of the shock absorbers can be analyzed with a dynamometer. For example if the wheels or shock absorbers models are changed, the damping forces can be moved into another shock absorber. Also information technology can be exploited in designing absorbers. Methods are similar as the shock absorber makers and the racing teams have.

Collaboration with the partner continues and test working is made a lot. Shock absorbers are developed and changed all the time, so I´m studying and looking for new solutions continuously. The drivers have personal wishes for shock absorbing. The most important thing is to accomplish the reliable feeling while driving.

I’m working together with many different companies. There are collaboration drivers from the beginners to the professionals. Beside of my work I´m going to develop Forssan Moottoriseura‘s activity.